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Inner City Dance Club of Miami (ICDC) is a performing arts school located in the heart of Liberty City. It was established to afford an opportunity for inner city youth to be exposed to the programming that many of their affluent counterparts routinely experience through performing arts (dance). 

ICDC has joined forces with us to offer its award-winning dance instructions to our students during the school day. Such genre of dances includes jazz, ballet, hip hop, modern, contemporary, swing, Latin and more.  

Cannonball Youth Club, Inc. is very proud to present youth in the South Miami Heights and its surrounding areas, a Club of distinction to be part of. Its goal is to enrich youth by serving them in education, cultural and environmental awareness, as well as being good stewards of personal development within themselves, with friends and family, and as a team.   

Cannonball Youth Club has partnered with us to provide evidenced- based after school care programming for our students. Services include academic enrichment, tutoring, social skills, sports development, and life skills. 

The Tabernacle of Adoration is a family gathering called by God to impact not only South Miami, but also all nations bearing the Word and the Presence of God wrapped in His infinite love.

It has joined hands with our school to offer an exciting Music program, entitled YES, as well as family enrichment programming. 

YES! Movement

A social project with the purpose of rescuing children and young people from the streets to develop high moral and social values; discipline and companionship; aesthetic; and ethical love while learning classical music similar to that of choirs, orchestras and symphony bands.

Our "all-inclusive" policy ensure that every child, without exception, receives the same opportunity to be part of this community and be a citizen of integrity, while in turn being given the opportunity to obtain scholarships and even a career in music.

This social program is offered completely free to our community, with a vision to expand it into a national project.